Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close-or the trailer that made me cry.


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You know you’re feeling emotional when you tear up at a movie trailer. Especially if you get goosebumps at the song playing and have to swallow down the swelling in your throat. You know the feeling, of course. Your eyes burn and you hug yourself a little tighter because it’s a freaking movie for crying out loud. But add Tom Hanks, Sandra Bullock, New York City, a father-son story, death, and 9/11 in one movie and you’ve reduced me to a ball of mush. Mainly, because I’ve also read the book and know the intricacies of the plot all of which alone produce goosebumps. This movie will be epic. I know it will be epic. In my opinion the novel Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Johnathan Safran Foer was one of the best books I’ve ever read. Not only did it combine something tragic and current into a story that wasn’t played out or too fictional, but it did it in an interesting, thought-provoking way. I live in New York and I remember 9/11 despite being half my life ago. And this was one of the best representations of the grief, confusion, and tragedy that occurred on that day and the days to follow. Also, the novel touches upon other things. Being a young brilliant boy, for instance, and how to communicate with people and feel, despite not always being on the same level. In fact, the whole novel is about communication. I hope that is one of the things that comes across well in the film. Oskar Schell was an awesome, funny, young person and I cannot wait to see how is portrayed. You can get a bit of the incredibly moving nature of ELAC from the trailer but trust me there is more. The book was perfect, and I don’t say that about many books. If there is one book/movie adaption that you read and watch please let it be this one.

The Quest to Become More Well Read


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Well, as always, in the midst of my busy, crazy life I have to go ahead and choose something else to take on. It’s as if I can’t handle being even the littlest bit relaxed. You know? A workaholic I most certainly am. So, after a very inspirational and helpful conversation with my professor/faculty editor for First Inkling I was left with two new goals.

1. Clean up ten pages of novel for him to see.                                                               2. Read more and read widely to become more well read.

The two goals, of course, coincided. The more I read, the better my writing would become and my ability to edit well and converse with just about anyone. Who cares if the subject is the new Malcolm Gladwell book, or Nabokov or that article in the New Yorker, I would be able to jump from conversation to conversation with efficiency and confidence. And having goals is important to me, especially this one. Because I could see the success and this future well-read, well-versed intelligent me. She was confident, professional and just around the corner.

So to get to her, I knew what I had to do. I finished the book I was reading, The Perks of Being a Wallflower and moved quickly to find something else. Of course, trying to pick up Mrs. Dalloway after Perks probably wasn’t the best thing to do, especially at a boring grey day at work. So, I had a set back and was left bookless and with my goal feeling as far away as ever. But with a little help, I returned to the goal and picked up Pale Fire because the library didn’t have Lolita. And now, because my work for the night has finished, I will being the poem and commentary. Hoping to emerge from it with a little bit more understanding of great writing.

Is there any books you can recommend, oh lovely followers of mine, that will help me in my goal? Any goal that you want to talk about, because making goals seem more real by discussion and imagery, can probably help make them come true. So they say. Off to read I go.

TV Tuesday- Gossip Girl, Nikita, Sherlock OH MY


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Hi all! I haven’t blogged for a few days and I apologize! I missed Magazine Monday 😦 but I will make up for it with a terrific TV Tuesday (How do you like that alliteration? Top notch stuff!) I apologize for disappearing. All manner of things kept me from blogging including a glitch with my pictures on my blog, which you might have noticed, a Chemistry test, First Inkling work, tutoring and my new favorite TV shows. However, the latter allows me to write a kickass TV Tuesday. 

I talked about how quickly I can get hooked on a TV show, right? And that there is probably nothing I won’t get hooked on. Seriously. I swore I would never watch the girly girl Gossip Girl or Nikita (the show that stole Supernatural’s beloved Thursday time slot) and here I am blogging about them. I probably won’t watch Glee though. I really don’t like Glee. But that’s a whole ‘nother can of worms.


So I just said to myself recently: Self, you should watch more TV shows. And Self replied: You idiot, you already watch about seventeen of them. And I said: No not really. And Self said: Oh yeah? Count them. And so I did:

1. Supernatural

2. Bones

3. Castle


5. The Middle

6. Modern Family

7. Fringe

8. White Collar

9. Suits

10. Covert Affairs

11. Doctor Who

12. Being Human

13. Misfits

14. Friday Night Lights

15. Firefly

16. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

17. Angel

So in all honesty, some of those are cancelled and I don’t really watch them anymore but still. It’s a lot. And I figured I needed a few more. I also have been wanting to watch Gossip Girl for a while. I love shows about New York City and even more I just like having a guilty pleasure. So I got the first season. Then I decided to watch Nikita because one it looks kickass and similar to Covert Affairs and I saw a lot of things lately on Tumblr about Shane West and I missed him. Shane West plays Michael in Nikita, by the way. And so I watched it and SHOW WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE. It’s like Buffy and Covert Affairs combined. Epic. Seriously. And Shane West? Whew. Amazing. I would just watch the show for him. So I got over my misconception that the show was going to suck and it was unworthy because it took my boys’ time slot on Thursdays.

This happens a lot. I think that shows are going to suck and then I get hooked. Example: Fringe. Who wants to watch a weird show that’s like the X-Files except weirder with a crazy old guy, his son and an FBI Agent? Plus, it was on at the same time as Supernatural so….yeah. You get the point.

What other shows will I look down on only to watch later? I honestly cannot say. I also refuse to watch the Vampire Diaries. I thought I might like it and started watching it but sadly, no dice. It’s still annoying.

No offense of course. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

So yes, I was wrong about Nikita and Gossip Girl but Sherlock? I went into that one knowing I would love every minute of it. Benedict Cumberbatch (hee, awesome name) and Martin Freeman have great chemistry. And let it be known that British actors are awesome! I love love love this show. The storytelling, the setting, the acting. All so so good. It’s only three episodes though. MOFFAT, WHY? Apparently it’s coming back in November which makes me oh so excited. If you haven’t watched Sherlock. DO IT. It’s a modern day mystery of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. It’s about equal to the movie that just came out but different of course. Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law have their own way with their characters that is perfect for the Victorian setting they are in. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman bring their own style to this modern Sherlock and the London he sleuths in. (Was that proper? I’m too tired to tell. Sleuth is a noun, correct?)

Okay, so maybe this isn’t a kickass TV Tuesday but I still have Shakespeare reading to do and I want to watch NCIS tonight so I’m going to cut this short. Try to give a show you’ve put off a chance. You never know, it might surprise you.


TV Tuesday-My Dilemma and Fandom Story


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As promised I am continuing my new daily posts with new categories. Yesterday was Magazine Monday, today is TV Tuesday. On Tuesdays I plan on reviewing, gushing, squeeing and discussing a TV show. Perhaps multiple TV shows. Tonight, however, I will discuss my dilemma. A dilemma that was partially taken care of but it is a dilemma nonetheless.

You see, once there was a young girl. The young girl was into Harry Potter BIG TIME but didn’t watch much TV. Until she got strep and had to stay a week home from school and encountered a little TV show called Buffy The Vampire Slayer. You could say that this opened the young girl’s eyes to a whole new world of fandom. Besides Charmed, she had never read a fanfic before or gazed upon a fan art drawing. By the time the week was over, the young girl was ready to sharpen stakes and join the Scooby Gang. Why hadn’t she known about this glorious show before? And GASP, to her horror, the show was almost over! So she demanded that her parents buy her all six seasons-the seventh season wasn’t over with yet-and she spent a good portion of her time finishing the series. She read fanfiction in the meantime and participated in heated debates over which OTP was better (BANGEL FOREVER). She even annoyed her friends with rewatching episodes and singing along to Once More With Feeling. And then of course she got into Angel, even if she was pissed at him for leaving and she spent a good part of middle school in love with the whole thing.

And then Buffy ended, she was caught up and she had seen every episode at least a thousand times. The actors had moved on. David Boreanaz had joined a new show called Bones as Angel ended and it’s precious time slot was taken over by a stupid show about two brothers. Who would want to watch that? The young girl certainly didn’t. Even though her Mom tried to tell her it was good and some of the Buffy/Angel alum were guest starring. Who cared? She wasn’t looking for another show to watch. She definitely could care less about the guy who had blood falling on his head and then saw the blonde girl on fire. Even if the brother did look hot.

This defiance of this new show lasted a few weeks. Bored, one night, she budged and turned on an episode that Amy Acker starred in. Between then and a few episodes later, she was hooked. It might have been the good looking cast, the music, or the fact that Denny from Grey’s Anatomy, another show she had begrudgingly stared to watch, played the brother’s dad that sparked her interest. But like the week with Buffy, it didn’t take long for the young girl to be hooked.

Five-years-later and the young girl’s in her senior year of high school. She is a fangirl, squeeing for every episode. Her one true love is Jensen Ackles and the world revolves around the Winchester Boys. She’s got everyone she knows watching it and writes fanfic to show it. She has all of the boxed sets and they sit like trophies on her bookshelf. NOTHING will keep them apart.

A year later, she’s in college. They have moved her precious boys to Friday nights, bastards, and season six has started. The college work load is tough. Add to the fact that she finally read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Because she couldn’t finish it, finishing means it’s over!) and the distracting epic fanfiction from the Harry Potter fandom and she’s has a bit of a conundrum. And so she misses one episode and then another and another until it’s just too much and she can’t keep up. By that time she’s in love with Harry, Ron, Hermione and the whole bunch of them and becomes really into British TV shows. Series like Misfits and Being Human find their way into her computer and then Doctor Who and somewhere along the way the boys get pushed back. She’ll catch up later but for now, she’s trying new things. She tries to ignore the guilt as the sixth season ends and she hasn’t heard much about it other than on Tumblr even if some of the episodes look really good.

Presently, it’s the start of the young girl’s second year of college. Season seven of Supernatural starts in less than two weeks but the DVDs come out today. Ringer also starts, with Sarah Michelle Gellar, the actress in the show that started it all. She faces an epic dilemma-go buy the DVDs like she has every year and start watching the series she has missed? Or watch Ringer and try to reclaim that giddy feeling she had with the badass heroine on Buffy? Or should she forget about all that and go play on Pottermore, because her welcome email finally came in? Ah the woes of a fangirl.

And so, you know my fandom story. It’s much more complicated and detailed than that but I did start out with Charmed and Buffy, moved to Angel, found Supernatural, moved back to Harry Potter, which you could argue I began with in the first place and now have found a host of other brillant things. Fringe, Doctor Who, Misfits, Being Human, Bones, Castle, Firefly, Leverage, White Collar, Suits, Covert Affairs.. And now that Ringer starts I am ready to open my heart again to a new show. I am very excited and I hope it holds my interest. I really like shows with siblings because family has always been an important thing to me and to watch it all play out on TV is always really awesome. The relationship that Sam and Dean is one of the reasons that the show is so great to me and why I love it.

I can’t review Ringer because it comes on in less than forty-five minutes and I haven’t seen it yet. I can say that I melted at the adorableness of a tweet that David Boreanaz (Angel, Bones) said about Ringer and wished Sarah Michelle Gellar good luck. They were my one true pairing, guys. I am also excited that Kristoffer Paloha from Life UnExpected, a favorite show of mine that didn’t make it, will be in Ringer. I loved him on LUX and look forward to him on this show.

I also cannot review anything from the Supernatural season six DVD because I was unable to get it. I had to tutor and then had some business to take care of with First Inkling and wasn’t able to run to Best Buy. I was looking forward to it too because every year it’s become a ritual to get the DVDs and every year Best Buy gives a special gift with them. This year it was a shirt! Maybe they’ll be available tomorrow.

So what is your fandom story? Has this new season put you in a dilemma? Do you share in my love for TV or these particular TV shows?

I know I’m excited about the new season even if there’s so much to watch! I am looking forward to Ringer, NCIS, Supernatural (even if I haven’t finished the previous season yet), Bones, Castle, Misfits, Being Human, and there’s probably so much more that I can’t keep track of.

Happy watching!

Magazine Monday- First Inkling Magazine


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Because my Chem lab professor let us out early and I don’t feel like studying at the moment I decided to launch my new idea for blog posts. For a few days of the week, I have decided to dedicate blog posts to certain things. It makes blogging easier for me and maybe easier for you to read. It also gives me something to focus on and I like things I can focus on. So for Mondays, I have decided to try to review, discuss or try something I saw in a magazine. This means recipes, outfits, hair, and eeek maybe make up? The magazines I can choose can be Elle, Vogue, TV Guide, EW, EveryDay With Rachel Ray, Everyday Food or any other magazine that I choose. Now say try because hopefully I will be able to do this. I want to and I hope that is enough motivation but sometimes, as you all know life can get in the way.

Anyway, here it goes. The first Magazine Monday.

This Magazine Monday might be a little different from what I might do in the next ones. I have wanted to talk about First Inkling for a while and I think now is my chance. It’s a magazine and so it falls under the category and it also gives me time to figure out what next monday might be. Yeah, so I’m unprepared for my first real idea. Sort of. First Inkling is important and this gives me the opportunity to talk about it. Killing two birds with one stone, see?


First Inkling is an international online and print literary magazine dedicated to publishing the best student writing in the world. We are seeking to print the next greats while they are in college in the English language. I am a Senior Associate Editor, which is a really cool title and also allows me to have a lot of responsibilities for the magazine. I enjoy it a lot. But I’ll get to my part later.

First Inkling offers many opportunities to student writers. Not only will our magazine be read internationally by creative writing students and professors but it is very likely, actually it will be read by agents, publishers and editors and other professionals in the literary and writing field.

Our magazine’s inaugural issue comes at the end of October. We have been working extremely hard to find the best writers and have read hundreds of submissions of short stories, poems, graphic shorts and even some plays. We are also offering an award-The Sam Draper Award for Literary Excellence to best piece of writing we see. The award is $1000 and there is a $250 prize for runner up as well.

Just because the deadline is in October doesn’t mean we have stopped looking at submissions. All of our editors are hard at work reading and discussing pieces, trying to discover the next Stephen King, JK Rowling, Johnathan Franzen etc. while they are still a student.

It’s a great project and one of it’s kind. We are actually going to the CMA conference in Orlando at the end of October, right when we come out, to meet with other magazines and publications. We, including me, had worked hard as well to book talented professional speakers from literary magazines in the United States. Not only do we read other work and try to find accomplished student writers, but we interact with accomplished writers who have had the experience already and are willing to speak at conferences. Additionally, many of our editors have spoken to editors and writers and have gotten them to join us on our advisory board. It is made up of talented and brilliant people who are able to aid us in our endeavor.

If this sounds at all interesting to you, let me know. We are still excepting submissions and if you think that you have a piece that is fit for our publication, comment with your email and I will get back to ASAP. Our deadline is October 1 so you have a little bit of time. Feel free to ask me questions or check out our website firstinkling.com

So that explains a lot of what I do. It’s my internship at school but you don’t have to attend my college to become an editor. We have satellite editors from all over and it’s great to hear their opinions on pieces or share their experiences in writing and editing. I really do love my job and I am extremely excited for when it comes out.

So now when you hear me discuss, you know what I mean. So yay, that’s my first Magazine Monday.

Things I Have My Eye On


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I have a bit of a list obsession, especially when I want to keep track of the things I want. And remember when I said that if I put my mind to something, I usually get it? So if I make a list of the things I want it helps me focus on them and figure out how/when/where I will get them. Plus, it makes me feel good.

1. Pocket watch necklace

I’ve wanted a pocket watch necklace since my trip abroad. I think they look great with any number of things (dresses, tanks, boho shirts, dressy shirts) and add to this whole new style of lace, leather, and almost steampunk/victorian-y that I’ve been really loving lately.

Via GeluguAccessories from Etsy.

This has a key and an owl. Trivia Fact #3 I absolutely love keys.


Amber Glass Pocket Watch Necklace

Via ragtrader on Etsy

The birds facing downward and the antique look make this pocket watch especially beautiful.

Steampunk - ROYAL VICTORIAN TIMES -  Pocket Watch - Mechanical - Large - Skeleton Style - Necklace - Antique Brass  - Neo Victorian - By GlazedBlackCherry

Via GlazedBlackCherry

I think this one may be my favorite. Until I saw:


Via GeluguAccessories

This one is my favorite and I believe I will get this one. However, my mind changes so quickly and easy so who knows.
2. Tiffany Bow Earrings and Necklace

Aren’t they so elegant and classy?

3. Long Necklaces

I’ve seen them around a lot lately and the thing about me is sometimes I don’t really know how much I like something until I see how other people wear it. I guess you can say that sometimes I am a bit stunted in fashion and I lack imagination when I look at things. I always have to ask my mom, friends or whoever I’m with: “But do I wear it with?” To which the reply almost always is: “Anything!” But I have and will continue to get better in this sense. Therefore, until I saw what people were wearing these necklaces with, casual and dressy, did I begin to realize that I could make it work and actually liked it and wanted it.

Elegant Diamond Swarovski Crystal and 14kt Gold Long Chain Necklace

Via ZoeLoveJewlery

Long Chain Necklace - Blue Beads, Silvertone Figaro Chain

Via MoonlightShimmer


4. Louis Vuitton Speedy



5. Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs

My love for Harry Potter knows no bounds. Therefore I MUST have this shirt.

Youth Marauder's Tee Shirt in EXTRA SMALL (2/4)

Via evietees

This list will likely grow and grow. But I will get these and hopefully soon. What’s on your list of thing you have your eye on? Anything you like here too?